My lessons on walls and bridges started when I attained Self Discovery

After my discovery of self, I came to a realization that there are two kinds of people you are going to find in the world. We have Bridges and we also have Walls.

This basically mean that as you journey through life. You will meet Bridges. You will also meet Walls. Therefore each and every person you meet in life is either a bridge or a wall to you. You are not an exception. You too can either be a bridge or a wall to someone. But make sure you become a bridge to people around you.

Bridges and Walls are metaphors for people that we meet in life. It is therefore imperative for every person to identify bridges in their lives as well as walls. Identifying these two character will help you to connect with right people in life.

Who is a Bridge? A bridge is any person you meet in life who help you to grow. These are people that go out of their way to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Bridges are destiny helpers. They help you to move from a lower level to a higher level.

On the other hand, there are people you will meet who will bring you down and hinder you from achieving your very best. These people are called Walls. Walls are people who block you from getting that job promotion or making that major breakthrough in you career or business. Walls are destiny killers. They kill your spirit and your dreams.

Life is made up of these two kinds of people. Whether you like it or not you will meet both kinds during your time on earth .

The ultimate goal of every person is therefore to identify Walls and Bridges and ensure to connect oneself to bridges. God is constantly sending bridges in our lives but too often we push them away because of lack of knowledge over the two kinds of people.

Now that you know the two kinds of people you meet in life. Study your environment and your neighborhood and begin to identify bridges. Study your district or country and connect yourself to bridges. Bridges are positive minded people. Some of these bridges even believe in you and your abilities more than you believe in yourself. Connect yourself to bridges. Hang around positive minded people. Do not mingle with dream killers but rather hang around with dream chasers. You are now aware of the people you meet. The choice is yours to make. Will you connect yourself to bridges or to wall?

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  1. That's the fact of life. Let's also try all means to be bridges to others. And let us block the walls in our lives .
  2. Those are facts of Life. let's try all means to be bridges to people around us and not walls. Let us remove walls in our lives.

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