AUTHOR : Chali Bellingtone II

(The Concept of Self-Awareness)

What is Self-image?
This is one of the questions that everyone must respond to, as they journey through life. However, many people die never having the knowledge and image of self.
Today, most people are dead and they never knew who they were.

In order for one, to develop themselves, it is important for them to identify who they are. Personal identity or self-awareness is key to personal development.
You can never develop what you don’t know that you poses, be it talent, gift or skill. All these requires identification for them to be developed.

I put it this way, if you do not understand and identify yourself, you will never grow beyond where you are.

Self Image is way beyond knowing one’s height, weight, color or race.

In defining Self Image, four key elements have been suggested;-
1. How an individual sees oneself;
2. How other people sees the individual;
3. How the individual perceives others see them;
4. How the individual perceives the individual sees oneself.

However, these elements of self image may not be an accurate representation of the person, all, some or none of them may be true.

In explaining self image, American Sociologist Charles Cooley came up with the concept of, ‘Looking Glass Self’
Looking Glass Self states that, “Self, grows out of society’s interpersonal interactions and the perceptions of others”
This basically mean that we live in a perception of a perception of ourselves.

Jay Shetty, American Motivational Speaker, explains it in this way,
“I am not what you think I am; I am not what I think I am; I am what i think you think I am”

In other words, If you think someone thinks you are smart, you will feel smart.
If you think someone thinks you are not good, you won’t feel good.
If you think someone thinks you are not handsome or beautiful, you will not feel or see you self to be handsome or beautiful.

I understand it is very simple to say, “I can’t create my identity around what others think of me”
But believe me, it is easier said than done. Besides, forming your identity based on other people’s perception isn’t that bad. In fact, i built my public speaking skills, music and poetry based on other people’s perception. They told me that i can do it, that i had what it takes. This was despite growing up as a boy with a very low voice.

Take time to know yourself before someone else defines you. Don’t waste time studying other people without studying your own life. It is out of self-awareness that you can build your self to live life at its full potential. You can never develop beyond the knowledge of yourself. Understanding yourself come after knowing who you are.

God Bless You for reading this piece of writing. You have just been edified.

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  1. And I quote "forming your identity based on other people’s perception isn’t that bad". Very powerful insight ,thanks chali

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