To my Future Wife – Olly Moonga


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The worth of a woman has been undermined especially in the 21st century. To a lot of people a woman does not mean anything significant. She is treated as an inferior person. This loss of true sense of who a woman is has created a lot of trouble, it makes women want to prove to the men that they matter and it also makes men take advantage of the women who seek acknowledgement and confirmed validity of what they already are.
This book, TO MY FUTURE, presents truths about women, truths which both men and can learn to facilitate existence. It rings a bell of realisation that a woman matters because she really does. Apart from that, the book tells a man how privileged he gets when he has a woman in his life. Instead of looking at a woman as an instrument of pleasure, this book unveils the truth that a woman is an encounter of success.
The book starts off teaching on the values of marriage and relationship then later describes the picture of a woman, the description talks to all the women and the men who love them and so the book is booth for women and the men who love them.

Enjoy the read and learn…..

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