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Hence the future: What if the destination lies along the journey? By Chishimba Malisawa


Hence, the future adds light to one of humanity’s greatest illusion, which is the perception of the future. It does so, firstly, with the aid of a detailed story of different people from different backgrounds who, independently and consciously, venture out to the future. The progression of the story is terminated a single intersection point where the ultimate truth is revealed to the characters and the erroneous perception of the future is identified and thus explained in detail.
It then concludes with strong and self-evident truth that enlightens a reader with what the future really is and the final words from the author on how to take the present and the future.

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    Ama Bob

    Its a superpower in the hands of the reader. Chishimba Malisawa shares at concept of what many view has the future. Just few pages down you will be compelled to realize that the future is not actually what people think it is. Get this copy and discover something revolutional. Its the best book written about the future….

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