If I had the remote
To reverse the time
I would bring you back
And take you back
To those moments
When we used to smile.

But time flies, no lies
Dropping in my eyes, it’s tears
Because it’s painful
Living every day knowing that
I’ll never hold you
It’s you and it’s always you
Inspiring me to be a better man
To be a better father
Fighting hard to live a better life.

Sometime I sit and wonder
How you made it all
You always cared
You were always there for me
No matter what,
You made my life simpler, better and richer
How can I repay you?
Your love was simply priceless.

I will love you all my days
I know words can not express
How much you meant
And how much you still mean
But all that I am, and all that I have
I owe it to you.

Though you seem far away
On that beautiful white shore
Across the sea
I remember the soft glow of love
Upon your face
I feel your touch
And tender embrace.

Though I feel like giving up
And the path of my life
Is so unclear
I remember your words
Because your loving support
Was always near.

Though I feel alone
And it seems like no one cares
I remember you held my hand
And you camforted me.

My brightest star under the sun
I will continue to write you poems
To lay my heart bare
And to tell you that I really care
Mama I love.

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