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Chishimba Malisawa



Chishimba Malisawa writes;

With the rise in computer possession, I can safely assume that a fairly good number of people are familiar with the term ‘partition.’

“Iwe Chishimba.” Simon called to me one particular day, with terror, “Your PC is not partitioned.”

“I came to get movies, not to have you inspect how careful I am with my device” I said jokingly as I sat to collect some movies from him. He is that up-to-date-with-every-movie kinda guy. You know the one who downloads compressed movies on tfpdl and had ‘Black Panther’ just days after its release, yes, that’s Simon!

“It’s a big deal to partition you laptop you know.” The movie fanatic emphasised.

I just gave him the curiosity stare and he suddenly remembered he had to explain before I could buy into anything.

“PC partitioning is when you… “

Oh, sorry I gave him another look that suggested that I already knew what the whole word stood to define. Oops, didn’t know it could be useful here, my bad, let me explain.

Well, it’s simply where you divide your computer hard-drive, Grade twelves, a hard-drive is where movies lives on a computer. lol.

Mostly, partitioning is done in such a way that you reserve a lot of free space for that part which will have the system, (computer heart) and avoid putting sensitive information therein. I can never put “The Big Bang Theory,” there, why would I dare to risk losing such a TV serie?

Instead of the basics, my friend explained the importance of dividing that space.

“If you don’t cut the space, you will lose all the data in case your computer crushes. At least reserve some information.”

That was enough to make me partition my PC a day after.

So the PC, can crush, but data can still be reserved breaking down the space into different compartments. Beautiful huh.

Now let’s have a look at our lives.

The lady who committed suicide the other day had a beautiful family, good school results and supportive friends but she still took her life because her boyfriend cheated on her.

Are you going where am taking you??? Okay, Why do you think she acted weakly?

That’s because her life was unpartitioned. Her accademics, family, love and family live all duelled together in the same sea. Therefore, once she failed in her relationship, everything else was affected. When the system of love got corrupted, she lost everything else.

See we let small things define us and tiny failures to break us down.

Partitioning your life is understanding that you can fail in mathematics and still remain a good wife.

Dividing your soul means having a heartbreak but still excelling in your career.

There is so much good in us, but we wrecklessly allow every little bit of failure to affect everything we do.

Imagine your computer malfunctions and instead of losing everything, you only have issues with the corrupted system and end up repossessing the information you put in other compartments.

Learn to deal with your problem one at a time, a failed marriage is not a failed heart, a failed career is not a failed friendship too.

Next time when your phone breaks, know that you still have a family; be grateful.

The devil plays around with the fact we become ungrateful for the things we still own after experiencing a setback, but look around you, there is so much good around for you to contemplate suicide just because one, out of seven billion people in the world, failed to appreciate you.

Be partitioned, cook a good mean for the family even after scoring a zero in physics, tell your boyfriend a joke even after being in an argument with your family. Share a meal with your kids even if your boss was unkind at work.

If you failed at school, you can still cook the best meal at home, even if that crush didn’t accept you, you can still understand what you study during the night.

Don’t take out pain on other people, or force them to feel what you feel, they too have issues. Let them be pillars, not pill takers for you headache.

Reactions are important in life, in fact, they are more of life than the problems themselves.

React better to the problems of life. There are so many ways to rectify a mistake even if it doesn’t involve the mistake itself. If you hurt someone’s feelings on the bus, be kind to the next lady you meet.


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