An adage once said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.

Very often, we are tempted to focus our energy on our yesterdays and yester years. I must confess i am a victim of that too. I spent most of my time focusing on my yesterday, instead of my today and tomorrow.

Often were the times I used to look back on who did and didn’t like me. I looked at my past pains and past hurts. In most cases, i looked back at people who didn’t treat me right. I looked back at the teacher who once told me that I can never amount to anything in life.
The past was stuck on my mind and I almost believed that my life can never amount to anything.

However, I turned the tables around after a realization that my past can never determine my future. I made a decision to forget the past and focus on my future and it was this decision that changed my life.

I believe there are many people who, just like me, have been dwelling on their past. But my advice is that make a decision today Never to Look Back at you past. Decide to Forget the Past and focus your energy on the future. If you want to achieve anything worth while in life, learn to let go of your past.’

Many people out there are still dwelling on their pasts. They are always looking back and refreshing memories of people who didn’t treat them right. They have continually dwelt on past pains and past hurts.
I still believe there are people who were brought up in abusive environments. People who may have failed several times in life, be it in their education, their business, their career, their relationships and marriages. Some have gone through countless broken relationships and they think all else is lost.

My advice to you is that Never Look Back. Forget the Past, it is poison to your life and future. No matter the gravity of your infernal experience, please let go. Your past is dangerous to your life. The longer you look back at the past, the more you hinder your progress in life. Your past is an enemy of your progress. Do not dwell in the past but use the past as an educational reference. Learn from your past, close it and move on.

The Bible, in the book of Isiah 43 : 18-19, puts it clear, and i quote,

“Forget the former things, and do not consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing, do you not perceive it?”

In other words, Forget your past Your past is a poison to your future. let go of the past. One thing is certain, you can’t do anything about the past, but you can certainly do something about the future. Make good use of your time on earth than dwelling on the past
Your time on earth is too limited. Don’t go around in life living with regrets, bitterness and resentment.
You can never unscramble, scrambled eggs. What is done is done, let the past be the past and move on.

When you realize that your past is your education and never your dwelling, you will begin to see that God is always constantly trying to open new doors in your life for you to live and enjoy life to the fullest. It’s nowander in the book of Isiah He said,

“….I will do a new thing, do you not perceive it?…”

Dear reader, you have wasted so much of your energy on your past. You have wasted so much energy nursing your wounded knee from that broken relationship. My advice is that you must use that same energy to build a new relationship. You have wasted so much time and energy, complaining about who didn’t treat you right when you were growing up. My advice is that you must use the same time and energy to fix your life and change your future.

Your past is poison to your future, please let it go.
let the past be the past. By-gone’s are -gone’s.

Learn from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Lot and his family were commanded the Angels of God never to look back at the land of Sodom as they make their way out of the City. Scripture records that, “…But Lots’ wife looked back…”. And guess what happened?
She became a pillar of salt.

Many people today are just like Lot’s wife. God is constantly trying to do a new thing in their lives. He is constantly trying to move them to greater heights, but they keep looking back. This is the more reason they have become pillars of salt. They can’t move forward in life. They are stuck at the same place.

If you ever want to experience new things in life. If you have a burning desire to move to greater heights. If you really want to change your life for the better, Let go of the past and Never look back.

If you managed to read the article upto this far, I believe your mind has been transformed. Drop your comments bellow and share the link to help transform more minds into the the world of positivity.

God Bless…

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