How To Have Permanent Change (Part 1) – Bob Banda

We all wonder why some people promise to change and yet two weeks later, others even two minutes later, they do the very thing they promised not to do. It even becomes more mystical if it happens to ourselves. One minute we say we won’t do something and next minute we do the very thing.


Many people think that saying you will change is enough but that a big lie. There is more to change than just words. It takes understanding and determination to have real change.


Think of Salvation, the Bible says you must first BELIEVE in your HEART, then CONFESS with your MOUTH.


The HEART ( MIND OR SOUL) is the CPU for Change. It’s like how Computers work, you know get to see on Screen what the Processor has worked on. Without the inner work of processing, there is no way you will have results on the monitor.


So we have many people who have given up on Change because they have tried and failed. Here is a powerful truth you should never forget:


Change is a Product of Knowledge Received.


For you to change to a better person, there has to be new information introduced to you. When the data comes, your heart has to process it before it can be seen in your actions.


How you live is just a result of what you know. If you want to change how you live, change what you know. Change what your heart believes. Once the heart can believe right, it’s easier to do right.


Instead of fighting your actions, fight your beliefs.

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