CBU student helps Chishimba Malisawa develop a Zambian multivendor e-book selling website

Brian Kashiwa is a 22 year old Copperbelt University Telecommunications Engineering student.

Looking at the scarcity of jobs today even after graduation, he opted to tutor himself in technology related studies.

He currently worked, in collaboration with myself, on the first ever Zambian website to sell e-books.

Designed diligently Mr. Kashiwa, the website allows a book seller to own a store (or shop) where they can upload their books, sell and monitor progress. The young man turned my dream project into reality with his ingenious creative skills.

The website, www.chishimbamalisawa.co, is also designed to offer short courses in entrepreneurship and writing. Students to undergo the courses offered will certified upon completion.

He is currently engaged in a number of projects. One of them being what he has dabbed “Zit TV” which will showcase videos local artists (comedians, musicians, actors…etc). Uniquely thought, it will be able to pay the uploaders for every view made on the video. Brilliant huh!

Brian’s case is one of amazing intellect and his future projects deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated.

The ambitious young man yearns to see a society where young people embrace internet for the good and enhancement it harbours. ” I urge the government to introduce basic computer studies in school at grassroots levels as this generation and those to come must be digitally oriented to compete and move in line with the outside world for national and personal development.” he said.

He is open for any kind of designing work and to all those who wish to support his projects.

Like his page: https://www.facebook.com/mybiinc/

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