Cornered in darkness- The Ray of hope

Cornered darkness in the Ray of hope.

-By Rutendo.S. Maturure

Feeling lonely and being lonely is different and nothing new to us.
It’s so disturbing how they both come and go as they please when you least expect it.
One moment you are laughing and in high spirits the next everything feels strange and cold, you walk away.
This is how life works. We can’t define or predict mental health if we refuse to understand it, embrace it and seek help. It’s a chapter one will rewrite over and over again if they remain ignorant.
Am sorry if this is your story and nobody understands or even gives a damn about it. But what have you done to move on and to find that Ray of hope and light to at least gaze the dark?
It’s time.
It’s time you stop hiding and shying away with that loneliness that buries your feelings. You need to cut ties with your best friend depression. All she has brought is pain, memories you are meant to let go and all this toxicity that is making you shut doors. After all she is the jealous kind.
You don’t have to be ashamed anymore. You are not alone.
So, why can’t you just embrace the fear, feel the pain, face it and learn to live with it?
There’s the relief in surpassing emotions that control your mind.
You don’t need to be afraid or face this alone. You just need to find ways to recover from what’s stopping you to move forward in a positive mind set.
It takes courage too. Being cornened the darkness is not the end, you just need to find your Ray of hope in a world full of possiblities. Change your story today it’s not the end you have just started.

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